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Copper Creek Cattle Company’s unwavering approach to sustainability, genetics and product handling allows us to consistently produce the nation’s best Premium Black Angus Beef. Our family-owned ranches are located solely in the heartland of America in an unassuming – yet exceptional region – that reflects the warm serenity of simplicity in doing things the right way. From our marbled cuts to mouthwatering burgers, we are dedicated to delivering the very best to our customers.


Primals & Cuts

Our Upper 2/3rds Choice Premium Black Angus is raised, sourced, and crafted with unwavering integrity solely within America’s heartland. Born out of passion and guided by expertise, we select each cut by hand and will never lower our expectations…. or yours.
Please consult with your sales representative for available cuts or to place an order.



Our Black Angus Grinds are made to order and produced every day – ensuring longer shelf life and fresher beef. Our grinds are available in multiple fat/lean ratios, pack sizes and packaging types to complement the need of virtually every operator.



Regardless of fat/lean ratio, fresh or frozen, round or naturally shaped, our exclusive Scratch™ puck that’s ready-to-be-smashed for that ultimate homemade look and taste, we have a product that’s right for you.

The Copper Creek Philosophy

Copper Creek
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  • Unwavering Integrity - Commitment to the passionate pursuit of sustainable cattle ranching, to expert handling at the butcher block.
  • Deep Roots - Reverence for the land simply as it is so cattle have room to graze and our farmers to have deep roots.
  • Doing Better - Vision to continue doing things well – sometimes it’s about spotting perfectly marbled cuts. Other times, it’s about seeing where tastes are going and how the right beef can get you there. From the ground in front of us all the way to the horizon, we’re constantly looking for ways to do things better.

Copper Creek Cattle Company is an officially registered USDA program (G-11). This certification ensures consistent, premium Angus Beef through rigorous guidelines, product specifications and continual inspections for all products.

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