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 dot-logo The Nations's Largest Redistributor

Family owned and operated for more than 50 years, Dot Foods is the nation's first and largest food redistributor. Delivering nearly 100,000 products in LTL (less-than-truckload) quantities to distributors in all 50 states.


Avoid turning down orders when an item isn’t stocked at your facility. End-users ask for products you don’t carry. It’s a time-tested part of the industry. Dot on Demand provides your team an effective way to meet the product needs of your operators, without adding inventory and a product cost inline with manufacturer-direct pricing.

Dot on Demand puts the power in your hands

  • Expands your product offering and services without additional warehouse inventory. Offer your customers up to
  • Keeps competition out of your key customers by allowing you to offer items your customers ask for but you don’t carry.
  • Puts the information your customers need when deciding to buy as close as possible.
  • Helps maximize business with your preferred suppliers by allowing you to offer a much larger offering from those manufacturers.
  • Lets you offer up to 30,000 items to your customers – without having to stock them.
  • More items, more sales, less inventory! That’s the winning combination Dot on Demand provides to help you satisfy your customers.

30,000 products without adding inventory

For over 50 years, Dot Foods has helped food distributors manage their inventory more efficiently. We’ve been successful in bringing you increased turns, frequent deliveries, and reduced lead times. We now have a program that connects your sales force to our warehouse. 

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